The APeX War
                                                               Battle for the Cure


     "The APeX War is an amazing book. Thank you for your great  
          work. I will be using APeX in my clinic."
                                                     Dr. Z. MD, Integrative Oncologist, NYC

          "Your book, The APeX War, is a big hit! Both my husband and I
          quote from it wherever we go. "
                                                    Nadine N., Director, Cancer Support Group
    "You nailed it! The APeX War is the best cancer book ever!"
                                            Dr. Alex W., Medical Consultant, Shenyang, China

    Dirty Little Secrets of the Cancer Cartel

    For decades the American public has been led on, lied to, and victimized by an amoral cancer research
    industry that puts profits above people. Because of complicity from main stream media most Americans
    don’t realize that cancer researchers care more about perpetuating their patents than on finding a cure
    for cancer.

    In spite of some very serious threats and difficulties, we have accepted a clear moral imperative to
    present the amazing true story of APeX and continue the battle to protect and validate it by taking it to
    the people - the twelve million  who suffer from cancer today - and, in the near future, to the FDA for
                                                                                          On the Back Cover of The APeX War

  • Come along with the APeX Team on our six year investigation as we expose the phony cancer war–and
    The real reason there is no cure,

  • Follow the non-profit money trail from hopeful donations to billions blown on wages and non-research

  • Find out how agencies that are supposed to help us are using their power to protect the Cancer Money

  • Discover how Big Pharma plays the system to turn ineffective and often deadly cancer drugs into
    Patents that earn obscene profits,

  • Learn about APeX copycat silver cures” and how desperate people die too soon believing the Bogus
    Science (BS) of  Internet scammers and trendy cancer books.

  • Read the complete amazing scientific analysis of APeX By a famous physicist; “APeX Is unlike anything
    Else in molecular structures I’ve ever seen. It’s a Fundamental Scientific Breakthrough.”

  • And learn about a very real death threat made against that same scientist soon after his analysis went

    Big Pharma has used the media, the FDA, threats, and a full-on Department of Justice investigation to try
    to kill this story, but, instead of giving up, we stepped up.........

    We declared war - The APeX War!

     !!                       ***


    This book is not intended to be the Great American Novel nor the definitive word on cancer from formal
    clinical trials or scientific works by learned fellows of prestigious institutions. It is the simple story of the
    continuing battle of a small group of dedicated individuals with a compelling desire to help those in
    need, an amazing tale written on behalf of 12,000,000 American cancer sufferers who deserve to know
    the truth about their future and their real chances of survival.

    Professional reviewers and those in the cancer industry who have read an advanced copy of The APeX
    War have called it “controversial” and “confrontational.” One reviewer even went so far as to say that, “If
    the intent of this book is to piss off the entire cancer establishment, you have succeeded.”

    Thank you.

    The APeX War is presented exactly as it unfolds without exaggeration or cloak and dagger conspiracy
    theories. The information we elected to include here about the state of today’s cancer research comes
    from independent investigative reporters and from the cancer industry itself–publications, press
    releases, and news articles. If information from their own camp pisses them off, so be it.

    No, we didn’t find evidence of a Grand Conspiracy by Big Pharma to withhold natural anti-cancer
    therapies made from mysterious mojo juices or a suppressed cure from the lost City of Atlantis. What we
    did find, sadly, is that Big Pharma is quite content playing musical molecules with existing marginally
    effective cancer drugs in order to renew or extend existing obscenely profitable patents–there just isn’t
    a financial incentive or sense of urgency to seek a real cure for cancer.

    For decades the American public has been led on, lied to, and victimized by an amoral industry that
    clearly puts profits above people. Because of complicity from main stream media most Americans
    affected by this horrible disease don’t understand that cancer researchers care more about a continuing
    profits than on curing them.

    Our mission is to show the reader how they do this–and why they continue to get away with it. And,
    there is compelling evidence of misdeeds if not outright fraud concerning billions in “cancer research”
    donations received by major cancer “non-profit” organizations including the holiest of holies–the
    American Cancer Society.

    Oncologists, the front line troops in the war on cancer are caught between a sincere desire to help
    cancer patients and a serious lack of truly effective therapies–a situation that compels them to perfect
    the onerous “End of Life Chat”, making certain that the majority of their patients fully understand that
    their only option is to get their affairs in order.

    Although there is an abundance of cancer related information contained in The APeX War, it’s not our
    mission to try to convince anyone of anything–or to promote a sense of false hope. We report what we
    find and only repeat what we have been told by independent sources or by our study participants.

    Our intent is to take an objective look into the real reasons for the failure of modern cancer research and
    to suggest that an arrogantly resistant conventional medical industry look outside its own inbred house
    for answers that lie beyond profit driven “research.”

    As an example of this resistance, even though “astounding” recoveries have been personally witnessed
    by board certified oncologists during treatment of some of their own patients in addition to standard
    therapies, there has been no attempt by any oncologist to contact APeX Institute for more information.

    We were, however taken to task as “charlatans” and threatened with prosecution by a New York City
    oncologist who was told by one of his Stage IV cancers that, after years of failed conventional medicine,
    her cancer was under control in a few months.

    “Aha! Here we go with more Bogus Science (BS),” self-appointed scientific experts will bleat while
    parroting tired old scientific dogma about why this or that can’t be done. These are usually the same self-
    righteous arbiters of all things scientific that are discussed in the Rejection of Revolutionary Thought

    Care is taken in The APeX War to explain in some detail that, according to current medical papers, free
    oxygen in the blood doesn't cure disease, however targeting oxygen therapy can destroy hypoxic
    disease cells. APeX Silver-Oxygen Nano-Clusters have been called "hunter-killer smart bombs" by
    independent scientists because of the way they seek out and destroy hypoxic disease cells, including

    We also devote a lot of space to explain how Internet opportunists such as Healing Waters, BACO, Health
    Norm, SilverSol, ASAP, and others misuse APeX technical information  to confuse desperate people with
    counterfeit and copycat APeX “silver cures”, and with unproven and intentionally misleading claims
    about colloidal and ionic silver solutions, and how they misrepresent “oxygen therapy” with potentially
    deadly stuff like hydrogen peroxide infusions and silly stuff like “super oxygenated" water.

    We write about the little understood scientific relationship between pathogen cells, including all forms of
    cancer, and oxygen that started with Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg in 1924 and continues today with
    heightened interest thanks to the work of another Nobel Laureate James Watson. Much to the dismay of
    the anti-oxygen therapy crowd Watson has identified a clear link between anti-oxidants, free oxygen
    radical, and hypoxic cancer cells.

    No claims are made about the efficacy or potential of APeX. All references and comments about the
    performance of APeX are from independent outside sources based on their personal or professional
    experience. No technical contributors have been solicited or compensated for their observations or
    scientific views.

    Interestingly, the FDA has a unique position on what constitutes a claim about any therapy or  treatment.
    After reading many warning letters sent out by the FDA to manufacturers of alternative therapies and
    practitioners of holistic and non-standard medicine, the FDA can and will arbitrarily and capriciously call
    anything you say a claim. For instance, hypoxia is (slowly) being accepted as a condition that promotes
    the formation, growth, and metastases of cancer. Properly delivered and/or administered directly into
    hypoxic cancer cells oxygen has been observed by qualified scientists to destroy an anaerobic
    pathogen. Just by repeating this scientific fact  the FDA could say that APeX Institute was making a claim
    about the silver oxygen nano-clusters in APeX.

    The authors would therefore like to express their sincerest gratitude and great respect for our APeX
    family–the wonderfully brave late stage cancers who continue to volunteer to take an unapproved
    product and provide invaluable personal anecdotal and formal medical information about their
    experience. They are the true heroes of The APeX War who continue to motivate the APeX Team and
    encourage us to stay the course to complete the mission to validate APeX and make it available to
    others in need–regardless of the already proven very real dangers.

    What you take away from this read will depend on what you carry into it–we only ask that you bring as
    much objectivity as possible.

    The APeX Team recognizes a clear moral imperative to present the amazing true story of APeX and to
    continue the no-holds barred fight to protect it and validate it by giving it visibility–by continuing The
    APeX War regardless of the risk or of threats made against us.


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    Copyright 2012, 2013, 2014 William Chastain, APeX Research Institute
Called the most powerful book ever published
about the Cancer Cartel - written at the request of
cancer victims who demand to know the naked
truth about their disease and why there still isn't a
cancer cure from Big Pharma,   

And about a promising new discovery that uses
breakthrough Silver-Oxygen Nano-Clusters to
deliver oxygen directly into hypoxic cancer cells.