"Revolutionary Breakthrough in Nano-Molecular Therapeuticals"

    My name is Bill Chastain. Ten years ago I stood frustrated and helpless as my mother, father, sister, and brother all
    succumbed to cancer. They all suffered terribly. I was angry and confused. Like many who have lost loved ones to
    cancer, I was filled with pain and sorrow, but also questions about why has so much time and money been put into
    cancer research with almost nothing to show for it?

    So, we decided to write a book about the Cancer Cartel and its abject failure to find a cure for cancer. Called The APeX
    War, the first printing of this no-holds-barred book sold out within two months. Why? Because it details the inner most
    secrets of the Cancer Cartel and how they pretend to look for a cure while really only focusing on profits.  

    You probably won't believe the story of APeX  - but then why should you? We've all  been brainwashed by main stream
    media to believe that only Big Pharma is intelligent enough to understand the complexities of cancer cell gnomes and
    DNA and the micro-environment in which they thrive. We're also conditioned to look to the same mass media for  "truth"
    in cancer research advances.

    News flash - As presented in The APeX War, neither Big Pharma nor mass media seems to have a clue about curing
    cancer. In the meantime more than a half million cancer patients continue on that inexorable pathway - somebody's
    friend, relative, or loved one succumbs to cancer each and every minute of each and every day.

    The discovery of APeX was a "fortuitous event" made outside of the normal medical research Rules of Evidence-
    hypothesis-null hypothesis-phase I, phase II, phase III-random-double blind-placebo investigative protocol. Because
    APeX is "not of the manor born" it has received scant attention from a research industry that today rejects the very idea
    of "Eureka Dis-coveries". The same visionary process that gave us miracle drugs such as Quinine, Aspirin, Insulin,
    Smallpox vaccinations, and Penicillin.

    Interestingly, oncologists who have personally witnessed unexpected and unexplained reactions of their own late stage
    cancer patients with APeX have shown more hostility than interest in the role APeX might have played in those reactions.

    Even though APeX contains a minute silver nucleus that is used to transport oxygen, APeX is often confused with silver
    products such as covalent, colloidal, and ionic silver solutions. APeX shares no physical or medical properties with any
    of these Internet silver solutions which have been misrepresented by their producers for many years. Our six year
    informal Translational Observation period included a two year observation of the efficacy of covalent (Made by BACO),
    colloidal silver (Made by P-Colloids), and ionic (Made by ASAP, SilverSol, etc.) silver solutions. The results of the study
    over five years were conclusive -- there was no measurable medical benefit in vivo with any of the silver "cures". In fact
    some of them, particularly the ionic solutions, can have serious negative side effects (argyria) so we completely
    discontinued their use. A good source of information about silver "cures" can be found on the independent test lab
    report site, www.silver-colloids.com

    APeX is not a colloidal-ionic silver nor does it contain silver "nano-particles", which are a specific size and physical
    configuration silver needle-like particles that has been shown to cause cell wall damage . The silver nucleus of the APeX
    nano-cluster is in itself a cluster of silver atoms rather than a single nano-particle. The silver content of APeX in its most
    concentrated liquid form is 0.98 PPM, less that the 1.00 PPM allowed by the EPA for safe drinking water.

    What exactly is APeX? The APeX active component consists of scientifically unique artificially intelligent hunter/killer
    nano-bots, or "smart bombs." In the words of an independent world famous scientist who offered an unsolicited
    scientific analysis of  extremely small silver oxygen nano-clusters™ that appear to be unavoidably drawn into hypoxic
    pathogen cells where they suddenly release large amounts of pure oxygen directly into the cell."  

    Solid tumor cancer cell colonies are hypoxic. Hypoxia is a condition describing the reduced availability of oxygen. This is
    a paradox considering the fact that in order to survive/proliferate cancer tumors also require vascularization. As the
    disease progresses cancer tumor colonies do not wish to be oxidized. Too much oxygen spells death to cancer.

    For more information about this "astounding" scientific discovery, click on  APeX


    For over seven years APeX Disease Research Institute, an IRS 501 (C) 3 Non-Profit, has
    struggled financially to supply APeX Silver-Oxygen Nano-Cluster Concentrate free of charge
    to late stage cancer victims - many who had run out of conventional options or were told to
    "Get your affairs in order." To continue this valuable program for those who have no options
    and even less hope, we must ask for your help. Please take a minute to make a tax deductible
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    Thank You!

    Bill Chastain
    APeX Research Institute
    P. O. Box 22027
    Portland, OR 97269
    E-mail: info@apexuap.com


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